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Finding the right girl is the hard part, so getting the ring should be fun and easy.  Once you have most of following information ready, we will get some stones together to show you, and provide you with a whole diamond education. If you are in New York, it is best to come into our showroom and get the full hands-on experience. However, we work with people all over the world, so if that is not an option, we can do the whole process over the phone and e-mail, and even send you some diamonds so you can see them before you make your decision.


Diamond Shape & Budget

There are a few basic things you should have in mind when you are ready to buy a ring: what shape diamond you are interested in getting, and how much you would like to spend. From here, we can determine the right quality and size for your budget. The main thing you want to get is a well-cut, brilliant diamond, with high color and clarity, and I always recommend maximizing the size. As long as the stone faces up white and has no eye-visible flaws, I say go big, not flawless!


Ring Design

Chances are, she has dropped some hints about what type of ring she likes...or doesn't like. Most girls have some idea of what they like, and if you have made it to this point, a discussion about rings has probably come up or maybe you have even gone to look at rings together. If you haven't discussed rings with her and want to keep it a surprise, you could consider asking one of her trustworthy friends or relatives for some direction.

The most popular design is still the classic Tiffany style four or six-prong solitaire setting, in platinum or white gold. Sometimes, if you have no idea what kind of ring she would like, we will set the stone you choose in a temporary solitaire setting, so you can propose and then have her design the ring of her dreams afterward. She will be the one wearing it, after all! You may want other diamonds in the ring to accent the center stone. Baguettes have long been traditional side stones, and more recently micro-pave diamonds surrounding the center stone and in the band of the ring have become quite popular.

Ring Size

It is also important to have an idea of her ring (finger) size. This can always be tweaked afterward, but you want to be sure she can fit it on her finger when you propose. The average ring size is a six, and we can usually get pretty close to the right size without having to ask her directly.

Timing & Shipping

Generally, the whole process from picking a stone, determining the best design, and then having the ring made, will take about three to four weeks. If you are operating under more strict time constraints, we can always speed things up so you get it in time. We ship most of our rings overnight when they are ready. The package is fully insured, and you should make sure someone will be available to sign for it when it arrives.

Appraisal & Insurance

We will provide you with all the original paperwork, including an appraisal and in most cases a GIA certificate. Since an engagement ring is a big purchase, you will probably want to have it insured and this paperwork should be all you need to tack it onto an existing policy, or create a new one. The appraisal gives a detailed description of the ring so you know exactly what you are getting, and the appraised value is about 35 percent higher than what you pay for the ring so that it stays valid for five years.


I will leave this part up to you, but if you have any questions or if you are ready to get started on this exciting process, just let me know!

Kiss, Kiss!

We offer a wide range of classic and contemporary fine jewelry. We can also work with you to design custom engagement rings or other special creations exactly how you want them. If you see something you'd like to have made slightly differently or if you have something particular in mind, just get in touch!


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