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I think most people know that I love all kinds of jewelry. I just never get tired of looking at beautiful things! I have always been a fan of both costume and fine jewelry. I think that there is definitely an elegant way to combine the two, and my friends seem to do a great job of it. I have several costume pieces that I cherish and will keep in my jewelry wardrobe for years, but some of the trendy costume pieces at Henri Bendel (don't get me wrong--I LOVE Bendel's) are insanely over-priced. It gets to the point where you could buy a real piece that won't turn your skin green for the same amount!

One of my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry is this gorgeous handmade Italian 18 karat yellow gold and ebony link necklace. It offers the fine jewelry aspect with the beautiful gold work and the stylish design aspect of the hand carved wooden links. I have worn this necklace on so many occasions because it goes with everything from jeans to black tie. It is one of the most versatile and chic pieces of jewelry I have ever seen, and its classic, clean and sophisticated look will really go the distance. 

The double length necklace can be worn long or doubled up with the clasp.

Coming soon! This version is shorter in length, and makes a statement with these fabulous chunkier links.  Jackie O. had one just like it! Well, it looks like she would have anyway...

Don't forget earrings!

Written by hattiegruber — July 30, 2010

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