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This afternoon, I had some VIPs come over for a private preview showing of some pieces that will be at next week's Coral Bay Club show. I spent the whole morning getting ready: putting the hydrangeas on the mantle, arranging the jewelry, determining a lighting scheme (bright) and soundtrack (Cole Porter), and stocking the bar--I knew Peggy would want a little Pinot Grigio.

A Feast of Jewelry
"How WUN-DUH-FUL!!!!!"
Dorothee Taylor, Peggy Corbitt, Katherine Daughtridge, SuSu Corbitt
To set up your own private viewing, please call me on my mobile phone at 917-842-3797 or locally at 252-726-5000.  I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful holiday weekend!

Written by hattiegruber — July 03, 2010



Great to read about KTRNY in NC—-we've been in Cashiers but love the updates on activies in the East! See you later this week——

July 04 2010 at 11:07 PM

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