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Photo Courtesy of Gemvelopes LLC
I discovered Gemvelopes at the Antiquarius Holiday boutique in Greenwich last December and I noticed how they were not only fabulous, but functional. I picked out the one shown above and use it for my everyday travels instead of just throwing jewelry into the depths of my pocketbook.
My Gemvelope is described on their website:
"This pouch has style of sophistication. It has a fun edge for day or night. These sporty jewelry pouches are perfect for traveling.  Gemvelopes are unique gifts to give.  The pouches are a convenient place to help you organize your jewelry for travel. You will find a black cushion to hold your earrings, a strap for rings and necklaces. There is also a zippered pocket for bracelets. The pouch is beautifully closed with a Toggle. The interior print is a metallic charcoal. It’s a must have luxury. $45.00" SOLD, Right?

I am really excited about the jewelry I got at the Las Vegas show and can't wait to post pictures. Be looking out in the next few days, and don't forget to check out Gemvelopes in the meantime!

Written by hattiegruber — June 09, 2010

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